About Us
Scher Shot Productions is a female-owned production company based in Iron Station, North Carolina. The company has been serving clients in the broadcast industry for the last 30 years. The majority of our clients reside in the southeastern region of the United States. Our mission is to efficiently design and conceptualize innovative products and designs in a manner that will meet and exceed customer expectations while maintaining the highest professional standards. 

​​Multi-Faceted Offerings
Scher Shot Productions offers a variety of solutions in both broadcast and installation. Our teams are trained to provide the most effective service based on the specific needs of each client. Our services include

Broadcast Services

Mobile Video Production
Live Event Broadcasting
Equipment Rental
Tape, DVD & CD Duplication
Installation Services

Fiber Termination
Broadcast Cabling
Studio Design & Installation
Scher Shot Productions is dedicated to client satisfaction while delivering exemplary results. We would welcome the opportunity to grow our business with new clientele. Our staff is eager to assist with your needs and we would love to discuss new endeavors.