Broadcast Services

Mobile Video Production
Our company is a full-service professional video production company. We aid our clients through the every step of the production process. We offer high definition and broadcast quality production. Our staff is prepared to assist clients in concept development, shooting video footage, editing, rendering and duplication. We understand the price sensitivity of all our clients and we are able to provide a unique experience within any specified budget.

Live Event Broadcasting
We are equipped to produce and execute the broadcast of a desired event. Our staff is equipped to broadcast video board, live to tape, live streaming and certain network shows.

Equipment Rental
Scher Shot Productions houses a wide variety of broadcast equipment. All equipment is eligible for rental pending availability.

Tape, CD & DVD Duplication
Our company also has the capability to transfer footage from a variety of mediums to CD, DVD or digital link formats. Contact our office for pricing and scheduling. 

Installation Services

Fiber Termination
We specialize in collaborating with our clients to meet the needs and requirements that are specific to the broadcasting industry. We utilize industry leading technologies and we partner directly with cable and connector manufacturers to ensure a quality product is delivered. We connect you!

Broadcast Cable (Design, Installation & Repair)
With decades of experience in both permanent and temporary broadcast cable installations, Scher Shot Productions consults each client's entire project. Our staff advises on the product selection and innovative technology to provide the each client with the most effective solution within the respective price point. Whether the project involves creating a few small cables or constructing a complex turnkey system, we understand the necessity for high quality cable installations and the effect it has on the overall sucess of any client.

Studio Design & Installation
Scher Shot Productions Broadcast Systems Integration Team can design and install a turnkey broadcast studio of any size. Our production studio designs range from small one-camera sets to multi-camera full HD sets. Our team collaborates with each client to design and construct a custom studio. Each client receives an individualized experience and product that we manage every step of the way.